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Hybrid Classes

What Is a Hybrid Class?

A hybrid class is a good option for students who have busy lives, because you spend less time in the classroom, and do more of your classwork online. You can do your online work wherever you have internet access, from home, a CCC computer lab, or even the public library. Whether you’re in class or working online, your instructor will be there to support you the whole way.​       
Adult Education courses are now offered in a hybrid format at five CCC locations.​​​
Are you ready for a hybrid course? Take this short readiness quiz​ to find out!       
In spring 2021, classes will be offered in the hybrid format at Malcolm X, Olive-Harvey, Daley, Truman, and Wright College.

Is the ESL Hybrid Course Right for Me?

Are you ready for a hybrid course? Take this short readiness quiz​ to find out!                                                

I Have Other Questions

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions​ or contact an Adult Education Office​ near you.                                                  

Read About Students Just Like You!

​Hear what students who have taken the ESL Hybrid class have to say. Want to hare your own story? Email us at​.